Wordsearch - Best Ever - Sharpen Your Observational Skills - Igloo Books - 2021

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CONTENUTO: 134 puzzles, 134 solutions, 160 pages

ARGOMENTI: skiing, fictional cats, divination, provinces of China, floristry, number one singles, Spanish numbers, Sicily, saints, found in a first aid kit, types of photography, gold mining, old buildings of the world, "Br" words, "B" films, going travelling, I'm feeling, Grimms' fairy tails, gymnastics, strictly come dancing, 1990s number ones, comedians, angles, two "Y"s, elaborate, assistance, fortune-telling, Wimbledon winners, romance, polo, lakes in Russia, at a car boot sales, American airlines, furniture, Barcelona, they clean, wine words, comedy films, statistics, hotels in New York, elections and voting, irises, Manchester United players, Indonesia, around London, rich or poor, John Denver songs, psychology, six-letter names, visiting Wales, all alone, Monty Python, foods containing omega 3, France, penning a novel, let's cook!, "M" mythical creatures, jungle book characters, Liam Neeson, mythical creatures, visiting a physiotherapist, ballet, fashion, city of London streets, speaking in public, Benjamin Franklin, Martian Craters, legal terminology, children's television, flavours of ice cream, words containing "ton", Andy Warhol, found in a diary, war, colours, embroidery stitches, Philip Roth, cricket, Denzel Washington films, credit crunch, bills, Cameron Diaz, Japanese rivers, visiting Amsterdam, Greek deities, words that rhyme with "fear", national animals, Italian names, British trees, air travel, on a ship, antarctic animals, Sweden, grape varieties, Radiohead songs, weights and measures, planets in Doctor Who, Easter, 1970s television, inside a factory, French castles, "C" cities, herbs, famous directors, sailing vessels, Katy Perry, edible oils, adverbs, sculptors, John, in the stars, sciences, change, capital cities in Africa, volleyball terms, moon craters, actresses, tasty starters, vipers, dames, at the beach, lighthouses, Australian islands, counties in Arkansas, snow white, cherry varieties, halloween, Indian cities, comets, British films, argumentative, nice smells, cities in Ohio

BRIEFING: This captivating selection of addictive wordsearches will keep your mind active. Locate the hidden words among the mass of letters in each mind-boggling grid, tracing the letters in al direction to find the clues. With thousands to find, this book will keep you entertained for hours

EDITORE: Igloo Books

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