Barca turistica solare elettrica - waterbus

€ 160.000


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Guest touristic vessel with electric solar drive.
Depth: 0.71 m
Dimensions: 15.06x5.81 m
Capacity: 60 passengers
Engine: 2 inboard 30kW electric engines
Material: aluminium
Navigation area 3
Price: 160.000€ Excl. Tax

The vessel is characterized as a single-deck catamaran with a superstructure. Passenger accommodation is provided in a multifunctional lounge with seats and a panoramic view of the environment. There is a light map on the ceiling of the salon, which serves as an attraction for night sailing. The power plant consists of two independent, fully automated drives, control of the power plant is possible from the wheel room, it does not require the presence of the crew in the engine room.
The ship is equipped with batteries located in the left and right hull, connected in parallel to form one source, a shore connection 220 VAC and photovoltaic panels on the roof of the passenger lounge.
It is also equipped with navigation equipment, communication equipment, fire protection system, ventilation system, heating and rescue equipment.
Vessel is ideal for caffe bar, restaurant, night club on water and similar.
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